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Episode 0 - Introduction


My name is Brennan McDougall and I'm a professional engineer. Or the last decade I've worked in many different facets of the oil and gas industry. While I have a pretty solid technical background in oil and gas, I don't really know a whole lot about the other non technical departments that help run an oiling gas company. Recently I took a course to help develop my business acumen and better understand how the financial side of the business works. What a novel concept to educate the technical people on the business and financial side. I thought it would be a really cool idea to return the favor and educate the non technical people on the technical side. This is how the concept from fossil the fuel was born. Through these twenty four episodes, we will take a journey from how oil and gas was formed millions of years ago how it is refined into the fuel that runs our cars and keeps our homes. Come join me on this adventure as we learn how the oiling gas industry operates from fossil to welcome to...

...the from fossil of fuel podcast. My name is Brenda McDougall and I'll be your host over the next twenty four episodes. This is something I've been working on for well over three years and it really came from a desire to educate. I'm an engineer by background and naturally my expertise is on the technical side. I've spent the last couple of years educating myself on the non technical side, specifically the financials, and I recently took a course on business acumen to... better my knowledge on the financial and business side of the oil and gas industry. I thought it was a novel concept to take the technical people into a course like this and educate them on the non technical side to have a more robust picture of how an oil and gas company operates, and I thought what a novel concept to do that, and so that really kind of helped drive the desire and passion to do this podcast where I could basically do the reverse and educate the non technical people on the fundamentals of the technical side for oil and gas. And so that's really what this podcast is about, is the technical fundamentals of the oil and gas industry, right from the formation of fossil fuels all the way through to the creation or refinement of crude oil into...

...the fuel that we use in our cars and vehicles, and so we'll be covering everything in between. Will be talking about impacts in the media, specifically when it comes to drilling and fracking, because those are the the two big two that we always hear about, but also some of the improvements that are going on in terms of developing cleaner energy and becoming more efficient by using things like multi well pads and stacking our wells, buy fuel rigs or buy fuel fract fleets. We'll talk a little bit about reserves and production and why those are so important, but at the end of the day, I really hope what you get from these podcast episodes is just a better understanding of the technical side, to educate yourself in your day to day job, whether you're an oil and gas or not, but also to understand how everything works, how... relates to our lives and to better understand, at least at a high level, some of the challenges and some of the opportunities that are coming with the oil and Gas Industry today. If you do enjoy these podcast episodes, I also do offer a one day in person training course. It's typically geared for ten to twenty people and, like I said, it's one day, about eight hours in depth as we go through each piece of this to help you and your colleagues better understand the concept of from fossil to fuel. Before we get started here, I just want to thank all of my coworkers that helped when I was at Chevron with this. There was more than I can name here, so thank you to all of you and, of course, thanks to my sound and audio engineer, Mr Sam Moffatt. Without further ado,...

...let's begin. Hey, guys, if you like today's episode, make sure you subscribe to the podcast. Unlike most podcasts that release an episode every week or two, I did all twenty four at once, Netflix style, so you can listen to them all right now if you just hit subscribe. If you like today's episode, make sure you leave me a comment or thumbs up, or you can email me at from fossil to fuel at GMAILCOM or look me up on Linkedin. I'm Brendan McDougall.

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